Specific Instructions From The Bishop

Read what Bishop David Oyedepo said yesterday as regards how to make the most of the prayer and fasting period. He gave these specific instructions at the first evening service of the of the period which held at the Youth Chapel, Canaanland, Ota.  
"We are not praying prayers
that will be answered later; we are praying prayers that must be answered now."
"Don't pray prayers for praying sake; pray prayers that must be answered. Don't wait for the rain to come; pray the rain down. Take one issue at a time; if you take too many prayer points at once, you will be confused. You have 21days, take one issue at a time and stay on it until you get answers. If it is a growth on your body you are tackling, pray until the growth disappears..."What are you doing on my body? In heaven where I belong, you are not permitted to stay..." (See 1 Kings 18:41-45)
...The Winners' Personalized Prophetic Declarations are not psychological predictions; they are not metaphysical permutations; go through them until they become part of you so much that you won't need the leaflet again to declare them..." 

--- Bishop David Oyedepo, (Day 1)

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