Sons of the Prophet Recount Personal SHILOH Experiences (1)

Personal Shiloh Experience features the spiritual sons of Bishop David Oyedepo on the heels of the 16th annual prophetic ‘convocation,’ tagged Heaven On Earth. Faith Tabernacle News had a chat with them during the event with a running question, “What is your personal Shiloh testimony”? From the first Vice-president to
the second; from the Port-Harcourt-based Pastor Ibiyeomie to Bishop Aremu’s wife, Elizabeth; from Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Enenche and wife to Rev. Goodheart Ekwueme of House on The Rock, Abuja; even the biological son, Pastor David Oyedepo, Jnr; they all shared their personal Shiloh experiences, and sundry issues.

1. Bishop DAVID ABIOYE: “You Don’t Have To Be Number One To Make An Impact” 

On Shiloh 2014
The event this year has been most remarkable, almost everyone has experienced it. The dimension of personal interaction and encounter with God is a very unique one. The platform for prayer was put in place for people to have a personal encounter because the real Bible narration of Shiloh, Hannah was a great ‘actor’ and what made her a great actor was her personal interaction with God in prayers. So beyond speaking, teaching, and prophetic ministration, everybody has gone deeper in meeting with God and building a relationship with God which also means that the post-Shiloh experience remains with them. 

On the testimonies at Shiloh 2014 
It is simply amazing; it shows that the presence of God is here. Testimonies and miracles are evidence of God’s presence indeed. The Lord thy God in the presence of thee is mighty. God has honored us by establishing his presence in our midst and we give Him all the Glory. 

Describe Bishop Oyedepo 

It is difficult to say he is this kind of man; the more you think you know him the more you discover new things about him. I have seen in him a man with passion for God, and compassion for humanity and with those two elements there is no limits. A man whose heart is panting after God and who has a heart for God’s people. That is the way I see him. 

What do you see ahead of the winner’s family for 2015? 
The President has said it all, we are only re-echoing what Bishop Oyedepo said that it will indeed be Heaven on Earth for God’s people; that is where we stand and that is what we wish everybody. 

Advice for upcoming ministers 
Well, like I have often said you don’t have to be number one to make an impact, your number on the line is not as important as your function in the kingdom. I think what is important is that everyone needs to ask God where He wants them to function. We can’t all be number one; as a matter of fact not all of us are called to be number one. If you call yourself number one when God did not call you so, you become frustrated, so what I encourage everybody to do is to stay where God has asked them to; stay there and serve Him and enjoy the best from Him.

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