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Heaven-on-Earth greetings!

Having been sufficiently soaked in the Shiloh anointing; having witnessed the raw, creative, and amazing testimonies at the just-concluded annual “convocation” of Winners; having had strange but refreshing moments with God in the newly-introduced
Shiloh hour; having had the privilege to have a one-on-one chat with sons (and daughters) of the prophet; having interviewed most of the testifiers at Shiloh 2014 behind the scenes; it was impressed upon our hearts to come out with a Shiloh Special edition of FT News

For those who don’t know, this is a monthly publication of the Press and Publicity Unit at Faith Tabernacle. Here, born-again journalists and writers come together to write Christian stories with a journalistic slant to lend our own small voice to The Mandate. 

In this edition, you will read comments from the sons of the prophet as regards their personal Shiloh experience and stuff you will never hear or read anywhere. For instance, how does the first vice-president of this commission describe Papa? What did Bishop Aremu say concerning Shiloh 2014? How was his wife (Elizabeth) able to conceive and become a mother of many even when her womb was stolen? How did Pastor Ntia feel when he was called “a precious son” by Bishop David Oyedepo? What did Pastor Ogah take away from Shiloh 2014? What are the graces that Pastor Omamadaga collected at Shiloh 2014? How deep is Pastor Enenche’s connection with this commission? How does his wife see God’s servant? How about Pastor Ibiyeomie’s personal Shiloh experience or how Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme became hooked to God’s Servant? 
 FT News captured the answers to these questions and more.

You will also read a no holds barred version of four striking testimonies that rocked Shiloh 2014, starting from the woman who was medically ‘certified’ not able to carry pregnancy for 30 days but gave birth to quadruplets, to the 50-year-old lady who got married for the first time; the young lady who took steps to break the yoke of marital disappointments; and the baby without testicles who got a fresh pair at Shiloh 2014. 

With these and more, this edition will sure inspire you to action. Take a pen and jotter, because as you drink from this edition, the Spirit will minister to you; when you are operating under heaven on earth, anything can happen!

Let me end by saying a big thank you to the FT News Team, especially Team Shiloh 2014 and all members of the Press and Publicity Unit. You are a definition of selfless service to God. God alone who sees in secret, shall without fail reward openly.

Dear readers, we love to read your feedback. Hit us a mail at or drop your comments below. 
Welcome to Wonders without End; that’s my new realm and your new realm.
We shall not fail in this 'exam' of fasting and prayer during these 21 days. As we have started well, we shall finish strong with a daily dose of testimonies, in Jesus' Name. 
Jesus Is Lord!
Lucky Ihanza 

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