“My Wife Never Saw Ovulation, No Period, and Four Children Came” … Pastor EDUVIE OMAMADAGA

Pastor Eduvie Omamadaga spoke with FT News after Shiloh 2014 where he talked about his journey into the ministry, his personal Shiloh encounter, how his wife got four miracle children, and other issues. Excerpts:
This has been my best Shiloh ever. Why? Some major decisions have been made here. Something that touched on my calling and placement in this commission and I’m glad I was a part of it. Apart from that, my spiritual life has attained a higher level; I saw God and I give thanks to Him.

On the acts of God
Imagine that baby that got brand-new testes; that’s raw and creative miracle. That’s the hand of God. Other testimonies were fantastic; I tell you, God is here.

Journey to Ministry
This is my 22nd year in the ministry. I’ve been here since 1993 and have served in different departments. God has blessed and lifted me. I got my four children here even though the doctors said my wife couldn’t conceive. My wife never saw ovulation, no period, and four children came.

Link to Bishop
He’s more than a prophet. God told me, follow him. He said, ‘Elijah came wearing rags; Moses came carrying a rod. My servant did not wear rags and he’s not carrying a rod, but people think he’s not a prophet because he’s wearing a coat. He’s more than a prophet.

Graces Collected At Shiloh 2014
God told me concerning Shiloh 2014 that ‘I will duplicate the five-fold ministry of Jesus, as it is in God’s servant in my life – the apostolic, the prophetic, the teaching, pastoral and the evangelic. So, I’ve gotten all.


  1. Please what do you do when you know your parents are into witchcraft and occultic activities? I am born again and a covenant child. Do I still carry on honouring them with my resources e.g. cash and gifts ( as scripturally instructed)when I know they are up to no good with any money I send? I have spoken to them about their lifestyle but they deny all the time but the evidence is overwhelming. I need to know what to do. I have been praying and spoken to some pastors but I was told to keep honouring them. Is this right?? I am not free in my spirit to continue but at the same time I do not want to disobey my pastor. please what do I do. Papa, Mama, help me...and perhaps someone else who might be in same position.

    Sister Amaka

    1. keep honoring them because the bible commended that.. now you must understand that you're saved to save them don't go into contention with, take care of them as your parents and table their case before on the altar of prayer and allow God to do His things His way my junior brother is a living testimony.


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