“I Came To Shiloh 2014 As A Seeker, Not As A Pastor” …Pastor NTIA UBONG

The Resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle and former Registrar of Covenant University, Pastor Ntia, spoke with FT News on the last day of Shiloh 2014. Below are excerpts of the brief chat as published in the Shiloh Special Edition of FT News. If you missed the full edition, CLICK HERE.

Personal Shiloh Experience

[Laughs}, well this Shiloh for me has been my most impactful, reason being that there was something Papa said a Sunday before Shiloh. He
stood in front of me and hit me on the shoulder and said, “Don’t come to Shiloh as a pastor, come as a seeker.” So I think for once, I came as a seeker and according to the scripture, I found. You will hear my story.

On how he felt when Papa praised his services 
Words are not enough to describe how I felt to have him call me a son, let alone a “Precious Son.” For me as a person, what things like that, do for me is to tell me that if what I have done brought such encomium, then there is far more work to be done. What is there in the past is not success any more, what will happen in the future is what is success. so if I am holding onto that, then I am a failure. So it's what is ahead of me that I am working towards.

On what he sees ahead
Greater grace because one of the things I came seeking, is what God’s servant said;“There is a difference between revelation and illumination” and I have realized over the years trying to figure out what makes God servant who he is. Now, with the understanding that illumination is different from revelation, I think that is his secret. Illumination is what he’s got and that is what I am seeking and I believe God to get.

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