"How Jesus Restored My Stolen Womb" --- Bishop AREMU’S Wife, ELIZABETH

A Shunammite-woman Encounter!

Bishop David Oyedepo has mentioned this particular testimony on several occasions, but not many had any inkling as to which individuals were involved as he had never mentioned any names until the last day of Shiloh 2014. And if you have been a member of the Winners’ family for more than six months, you probably would have heard Papa recount a Shunammite-woman encounter that happened years ago. This is the amazing testimony of Mrs. Elizabeth Aremu, wife of Bishop Thomas Aremu, the second Vice-president of this commission, which she told a surprised and inspired crowd recently at the Fathers and Mothers of nation’s service, a specialized service during the just-concluded Shiloh 2014. It was a joyous woman who recounted how her
womb was “stolen” by a wicked woman and used for money rituals and how God rescued her from the devilish claws.

Mama Faith Oyedepo it was who called her to the podium to share this testimony, and she stunned the participants with her story which began in far-away Ghana. 
“I grew up in Ghana under a very wicked woman whom I thought was my biological mother because I was very little when she took me to live with her. This woman was so wicked that she used my womb for fetish purposes to make money and prosper in her business. There were times when we got to her shop, as soon as we opened the door; money would begin to fall on the floor because my destiny in child-bearing had been used for this purpose to enrich her.”
That was not all, the wicked woman even boasted of her evil deeds. “She was so wicked that she boldly told me on several occasions that I should never bother about having children in life as it was impossible, but I was too innocent to understand what she meant at that time,” she recounted

The unseen hand of God got to work in her life, even though she didn't recognize it yet.
“A time came in Ghana that the government asked all Nigerians there to return home. This I came to understand much later in life was by divine arrangement, I would have remained in Ghana and ended up wasting my life but I believe God moved the government of Ghana at the time to take such a decision for my sake as a medium to bring me home”, she shared.
Then came the moment of truth and self-discovery: 
“Upon my return to Nigeria, my family members were shocked to see my state because I was the only girl from my parents (the rest were boys) yet I did not know this woman was not my biological mother because I was very little when I left home to live with her. My case was so bad that I used to pick lice from my head regularly because they were too many.”
She continued, 
“Finally, one of my brothers decided to take matters into his hands and ‘stole’ me from this wicked woman's house and we ended up in Ibadan, Oyo state. Only God, my brother and I knew my whereabouts but somehow, this woman discovered and killed my brother through diabolical means and I became hopeless but this God that we serve is alive and He will always rescue His own.”
How was she rescued? One step at a time, God began to change her story and as God was blessing her, He was also dealing with the wicked woman. 
“Years later, I met my husband and we got married. On the day of our wedding, immediately we were joined as husband and wife, this woman died mysteriously in the market place at noon time, without any physical contact. She just slumped with her neck twisted and she died,” recalled the mother of four.
“Many are the afflictions of the righteous,the Bible says, “but the Lord delivers him from them all.” That was Mama Elizabeth Aremu’s testimony. 
“After my marriage I could not get pregnant because of this woman's demonic acts in my life but one day, Bishop Oyedepo happened to spend two nights in our house while embarking on a preaching engagement.” 
At this time, her husband was still a Deacon in this ministry. However, she was sensitive enough not to miss her time of visitation. 
“I did not know much about Bishop Oyedepo at the time but I said to myself this man must be a man of God and I will make sure he is given the best comfort in our home. So I packed all the money and food we had at home to ensure he was happy during his entire stay,” just like the Shunammite woman in 2Kings 4:8-37.
And she was blessed after the order of the Shunammite woman, and more. 
“When he was leaving, he joined my husband's and my hands and said, "He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward."  
Even though he didn't know what was happening, Pastor David, as he was then, was sensitive in the spirit. 
“Bishop Oyedepo did not know we believed God for the fruit of the womb at the time he said those words.”
And she took another step of faith. 
“After he left, I went to the room where he slept and rolled on the bed proclaiming and confessing that I must have my children since a man of God had slept on that very bed who also prophesied over my life. That very night, two men appeared to me in my dream and said, "We have come to return what we took from you and they dropped something on me and left. That same month I became pregnant and 9 months later, I was delivered of a baby girl.”
And it was time for the twins to arrive. 
“Much later, when my husband became a pastor in this church, Bishop Oyedepo, my prophet, held my hands at a pastors’ meeting of the church and said, "Behold the latest mother of twins in our midst" and I said "daddy no" but he said, "shut up, you don't argue when I make a proclamation over your life" and I said, "AMEN"
Did the twins come? 
“And true to the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of His servant Bishop David Oyedepo, exactly 9 months later, I gave birth to a set of twins.”
The humble wife of the Bishop in charge of Ibadan Diocese ended her testimony by sharing these words of encouragement with participants at the specialized service. 
“Who told you your case is closed? The devil stole my womb as a sacrifice in his kingdom, but God restored what the devil stole and blessed me with children; to Him alone be all the glory.” 


  1. I receive my own restauration in the mighty name of Jesus' Christ!

  2. amen MY GOD IS AWEOME

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  5. Wow!!! Glory to God, he as done great things for our mummy in the lord, we wish her the very best in Life and Ministry... really what God is doing for and through the lives of this women of God is amazing!

    Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye also took full responsibility of a Quadruplet born in Redemption Camp

    Our God is indeed a great God!

  6. Glory to God who alone can do what no man can do. He is the Jehovah overdo, He said I will restore to you all what the enemy has stolen from you in multiple fold. He restore back to Job all the enemy stole from him in double fold. To Him be all the glory forever.

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