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At the end of the fourth service last Sunday October 26, 2014, the Resident Pastor at Faith Tabernacle, Dr. Ubong Ntia, dismissed the congregation with the following powerful prayers for the week:
  • “What has never happened in your lineage before, before this month of October is over, it will take place in your life. 
  • Standing in the shoes of my father the prophet, I declare every door that has been shut against your life and destiny; this week, they shall be opened up to you. 
  • Wherever they may have ganged up against you, in the land, in the forest, in the waters…the word of God says, surely they shall gather but not by me. If they gather by me, He says they will fall for your sake. Every gathering against your life and destiny, I declare, they shall fall for your sake. 
  • Someone will get a miracle job today. 
  • That good news you have been waiting for, you will receive it this week. 
  • Your spouse that you have been waiting for, this week, that spouse will come. 
  • This week, that pregnancy test finally will read positive. 
  • You will go to the hospital for checkup and that disease they said they saw, they will not see it again. 
  • It shall be your week of divine surprises. 
  • Your sacrifice will speak for you this weekSo shall it be. 
  • For someone, before we appear at Shiloh 2014, your heaven-on-earth testimony is already speaking, in the mighty name of Jesus.

If you are the one, let your Amen show it!

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