After the outpouring of goodwill messages by some of the guests present, the celebrant, clothed in a white agbada, was asked to respond. And he recounted how he had escaped death over 25 times. 
“When I was 50, I realized I had escaped death 25 times. I then took a decision to stop counting because the God that has kept me those 25 times, is capable of keeping me all the days of my life,” he began. Continuing, he said, “and that’s why I have said that life is absolutely a gift; it is not a right; it is the grace of God that brought us all to life. It is the same grace that is preserving us. I have escaped accidents and attacks of all kinds; God has been faithful. To Him alone be all the glory.”

He described the achievement of men as ‘Engracement”:
“What we call achievement on this side of heaven is actually ‘engracement.’ A man can receive nothing except it is given him by God.” 
He ended by thanking all those who came to celebrate with him as he clocked 60.

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