That Bottle of Oil…

The anointing service of Sunday June 15 at Faith Tabernacle, the international headquarters of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, was  a service with a difference.
Tagged "Encounter with Destiny",it was the monthly anointing service of Winners' Chapel. As the custom is in the commission, Jesus’ followers came with their bottles of oil ready for the priestly blessing upon them by, Bishop David Oyedepo.  

But before the pronouncement of blessing, God's servant exhaustively explained the spiritual content of the anointing oil. He urged members not to have a casual approach to the oil, and revealed the mysteries embedded in the oil as it pertains to the redeemed.

Taking his bearing from the book of 1Samuel 10:1-12, the grandfather apostle of faith enumerated the benefits of the anointing oil. According to him, our eyes are opened when the oil comes upon us. "And as your eyes are opened to see it, God is committed to give it", said Papa.
He continued."Things that you have lost are restored to you because of the anointing", With the oil, you experience progress in life. For your shame, you enjoy double honour. Divine favour comes upon you and you shall be turned into another man.

You shall be in command; you have it the way you want it," the man of God thundered. In closing, the presiding bishop said the anointing oil guarantees speedy fulfillment of prophecies and supernatural change of levels.
 "Everything spoken into your life today shall come to pass today. Take your miracle job today..." He ended by instructing every Winner (as members of the church are called) to anoint themselves and take a shot of the oil before going to bed at night as well as anointing their homes and places of work. He also urged them to always keep the bottle of oil handy throughout the period known in Winners Chapel International as the Midst of the Year, (June and July).

If nothing, those who attended service at Canaanland last Sunday, went away with a new understanding as regards the mystery of the anointing oil.
By Lucky Ihanza

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