Faith Tabernacle Announcements

1.     All WSF ministers/operators at all levels are expected to attend a seminar on Monday 21st April 2014.Venue: Faith Tabernacle, Time: 07:00 am.

2.     The ongoing Easter youth alive convention is a huge success. The convention comes to a close Monday 21st April 2014 with an impartation service at 7am.
3.      Activities marking the 33rd Anniversary of the Liberation Mandate kicks off on April 30th 2014 at 6pm. May 1st 2014 there shall be special liberation zonal outreach.May2nd there shall be the Liberation night. Time is 10pm - 5am. On Sunday the 4th shall be the Liberation thanksgiving service. 
4.      Project 2022: Every winner is to deliver
2 standing souls to Christ this month.   
5.      Abandoned vehicles within Canaanland: it has been observed that by the security unit of the church that there are a number of vehicles abandoned in the premises. Henceforth if any member has a challenge with their vehicle it must be reported at the security unit of the church. Furthermore all abandoned vehicles will be removed starting from this Monday.   
6.      Mid week communion service holds this Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 6pm. Pls note we shall all be waiting on the Lord in a fast.    
7.      Nine intending couples wed this weekend both in Lagos and Ota. 
8.      Admission form into Landmark University is now available. Visit for details.  
9.      Winners satellite fellowship holds every Saturday at the various WSF centres. Time is 5 - 6.30pm.

. Next Sunday at Faith Tabernacle is Covenant Day of Prosperity, it is also our monthly thanksgiving service.                      

                                              JESUS IS LORD

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