(Part Two) Bishop Oyedepo @ 62: 62 Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo (Quotes on Kingdom Advancement | Kingdom Service | Soul-Winning | Spiritual Stewardship…)

Bishop David Oyedepo
26. As we all know, there is no software for prayers, neither one for reaching out to the lost but going after them practically and spiritually. In the same vein, there is no software for bringing people to church but going out to compel them to come until there is no more room in the inn.

27. Commit to serving the Lord. When you give God your strength, He gives you back His strength.

28. Jesus is still saying: ‘Let me ride on your back and you will enjoy my honour. When you are carrying Jesus, nothing can hurt you.

29. Divine health is the entitlement of every soul-winner: Jesus, the all-round physician, becomes your personal physician. (See John 15:2)

30. The peace of God that passes all understanding becomes the portion of every soul-winner.” (See Mk.4:37-39)

31. Jesus is still saying to us today: ‘let me have your boat and you will have my blessings; give me your time, and you will have access to my timeless blessings; give me your skills and you will qualify for my endless favours; give me your strength and you will command exploits.” (See Lk.5v1-8)

32. If winning souls doesn't make you excited, I don't know what else will. He that sits in the heavenly places shall laugh. If what gets heaven excited doesn't get you excited, what else will? The heavens rejoice over one soul that gives their life to Christ.

33. Among the blessing of soul winning is sound health. Whatever represents an assault on your health is swallowed up.

34. Seeking God first is the master key to every door of life. Matthew 6:33 is the master key of life. I saw it about 40 years ago. There's no impossible case against Matthew 6:33. So anyone who signs up...this year marks the end of your struggles in life. If you will buy into Matthew 6:33, you will not only be married, you will have children at the time you desire, and you will see your children's children...

35. Get all of your new converts and ask them to come with their friends to show that they love them. Tell them Jesus heals all manner of sicknesses and diseases here, and you will be shocked how many of them will show up. The harvest field is over ripe, all you need is to shake the tree and the fruits will start falling. 

36. When you hit God’s benchmark, your job will be looking for you. They will Google your name just to give you a job. Focus on hitting God’s benchmark. If you engage to the level that He expects then you must see His hands. You are nearer than ever, so keep pressing. If your investment is genuine, you must see returns. 

37. Reward is on results obtained not on participation. It is HE THAT REAPETH, not he that goeth out. (See John 4:36) 

38. God does not reward groups, He pays individuals. So get ready for your pay, a very fat pay from God.

39. All soul winners are gospel marketers. If they don't buy from you, you don't get any commission. (See Luke 7:16)

40. You get hooked up to God to an extent that He won't wait for you to ask before He answers.” (See Isaiah 65:4)

41. There are two levels of returns in soul-winning namely: the reward realm and the enthronement realm...He that reapeth receives wages, but he that CONTINUES is enthroned. (See Luke 22:35; 28-30)

42. God's benchmark differs from one individual unto another... unto whom much is given, much is also expected. What that much is, is determined by God. If your MUCH MARK is 10 and you have 7 already, stop clapping for yourself until you get to 10. Until your cloud is full, your rain will not drop.

43. Until anyone's cloud is full, His rain will never fall. We must keep filling our cloud until it's full enough to result into showers of rain – praying for souls to be saved, and established, praying for church growth, reaching out to more souls, following them so hard until they are established in the faith. Just one more step, and suddenly, the rain will start dropping. We must get there in Jesus name. (See Eccl. 11:3)

44. The master must meet us on duty when He comes down with our prizes.” (See Matthew 24:45-46)

45. Seek for a partner that will keep you going consistently; He sent them two by two. 

46. I knew in stewardship lies the greatness of my destiny.

47. When you are truly in service, you are dangerously defended.

48. Serving God protects. It preserves and defends us; Serving God pays both in time and in eternity. 

49. God specializes in granting open rewards to every secret labour. (See Matthew 6:6, 17-18)

50. Matthew 6:24-33: This is my greatest discovery in faith. This is what gives me assurance of the future that is stronger than the present.

51. One of the proofs of acceptable stewardship is Favour. If favour is not there, check whether your service is acceptable. (See Daniel 6:20) 

52. Kingdom stewardship is a private investment. The testimonies reveal whose service is acceptable and whose is not. 

53. It is not inviting people that brings them; it is praying the satanic hold that holds people to be broken that brings them. (See Luke 11:22) 

54. Supernatural church growth is impossible without your prayer investment. Thank God for gospel raids but thank God for the PRAYER RAIDS which empowers the gospel raids. 

55. You birth them in prayer, and sustain them with prayers. Every other thing is foolery. (See Isaiah 5:26; Acts 2:6; 2Kings 7:4-7) 

56. Everyone that's a part of the multiplication becomes a partaker of the glorification. 

57. Matthew 6:33 is the scripture that guarantees the future of every Christian. 

58. Every input has returns, but spiritual input has everlasting returns (See Proverbs 14:23) 

59. A redeemed soul is the most valuable treasure to God on the earth. (See Matthew 16:26; Romans 8:32) 

60. Every soul-winner is on God's payroll. (See John 4:36, Luke 22:35; Exodus 23:25-6) 

61. WHEN LAXITY is engaged in the season of harvest, it ends up in reproach. Our diligence is the pathway to our distinction. (See Proverbs 10:5) 

62. Serving God is classified as business. Voluntary service has no profit...Stewardship to God is a decision made by man. God will never choose for you, God will only enable your choice. (See Luke 2:49. Romans 12:11; Joshua 24:15...) 

Compiled by Lucky Ihanza

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