"I Prophesy Over You This Week" Bishop David Oyedepo

When others are saying there is a casting down, you will be declaring that there are quantum leaps!
There shall be a fresh release of the wisdom of God on your life!
You will reach that goal in the name of Jesus!
Receive the Spirit of servant-hood today!
You will never suffer setbacks in the name of Jesus Christ!
Receive grace to remain steadfast in Kingdom stewardship in the name of Jesus!
You will never miss your step again!
As you labour in God’s vineyard, favour will follow you!
Your career is off the ground today and flying in the mighty name of Jesus!
Your breakthrough promotion comes this week in the name of Jesus!
You will never go down again!
No step of your life shall be taken in error again in Jesus’ name!
One wrong step can crash a destiny; you will not take such step in Jesus' name!
As the Lord lives, you will have your testimony!

In this season, God will move you to a higher level. Therefore, get set!

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