I Prophesy Over You This Week!!! Bishop David Oyedepo

  • I decree the supernatural delivery of your heart’s desire now in the name of Jesus!
  • Everything resisting your way forward is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
  • I decree the supernatural restoration of your health in the name of Jesus!
  • From today, you will no longer suffer the torture and torment of sicknesses and diseases in the name of Jesus!
  • All unwanted issues of your life are turned to testimonies today in the name of Jesus!
  • You will not sorrow over your children!
  • Whatever you are thanking God for today is preserved and multiplied in the name of Jesus!
  • None of your children will be buried; rather, they will be greater than you!
  • This week is declared your week of special miracle testimonies!
  • This will be a week of good news for you and your family!
  • Be filled with the Spirit of Joy!

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