• My prayer is that you will walk in financial fortune this year in Jesus’ name!
  • Every financial stress in your life is over in the name of Jesus!
  • I decree today, an end to your financial troubles!
  • Receive grace to be an ever willing, consistent tither in the name of Jesus!
  • Your life will absolutely be debt-free this year!
  • An end has come to borrowing and begging in your life in Jesus’ precious name!
  • I decree your financial struggles over today!
  • Every air of financial misfortune around your life is cursed in Jesus name!
  • Before the month of March is ended, you are singing a new song!
  • Every financial tension comes to an end in your life in Jesus name!
  • Before you appear at Shiloh, you are financial wonder!
  • Whatever disqualifies you for financial fortune in your life is cursed in Jesus name!
  • From this year onward, an end has come to every financial stress in your life!

Instruction: Commit to Tithing on your personal finances and business no matter what for the next 6 months and watch God open the windows of heaven over your life.

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