• For anyone called barren reading this, I declare your fruitfulness in Jesus’ name!
  • Every business and career experiencing a dry season is declared fruitful today in Jesus’ name!
  • Every siege of barrenness in your life is broken!
  • The power of the Most High will overshadow you and you will have your testimony in Jesus’ name!
  • You will be located miraculously for a change of status!
  • This month, you will encounter divine secrets in the name of Jesus!
  • You will be listed among the men who are like nations in Jesus’ name!
  • I curse the root of depression in your life in Jesus’ name!
  • Something great is coming your way today!
  • Your head will no more be downcast!
  • From today, sorrow of heart is no longer your portion!
  • From today, depression has no more access in your life in Jesus' mighty name!
  • A new chapter is opening in your life!
  • Every unfruitfulness of your life opens to fruitfulness today in the name of Jesus!
  • From Glory to Glory, that's your new name and that’s where you are going

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