Your inheritance of riches in Christ is released in Jesus’ name!
Every generational curse on your life is broken in the name of Jesus Christ!
That siege of miscarriages, career and business stagnation ends now in the name of Jesus!
Every ordeal of spirit wife or husband is declared over today in the mighty name of Jesus!
The siege over your family, career, business and health is over in the name of Jesus!
Receive grace for spiritual smartness to respond to instructions in Jesus’ name!
Your life shall no longer be a question mark but an exclamation!
The giant in you is coming alive with divine speed!

From this day, your ‘pot of flour’ will not be empty and your oil will never run dry in Jesus precious name!
The kind of miracles that will make people to celebrate your God will take place in your life today!
You are getting your miracle job this week!
God is re-branding your life this year!
Your total health is restored now in the name of Jesus!
This is your year of enviable change of levels!
This new week marks the beginning of a new dawn in your life!
Watch it, this year you will experience the raw manifestation of God!
Your generation is blessed!

This week is declared your week of miracles!

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