Your struggle over finances comes to an abrupt end!

The financial giant in you comes alive today in the name of Jesus!
I decree an end to your struggles in Jesus’ name!
Nothing pulls you back to the world again!
You have exhibited unusual zeal for the things of God, therefore, begin to experience unusual blessings in Jesus' name!
Before this year is over, everything must turn in your favour!
You shall lend to nations!
The power to love and be a liberal soul like Abraham is released to you in Jesus’ name!
By the anointing, you are empowered to enter into the realm of divine wealth!
Receive grace to walk in integrity and put away every form of corruption!
Every chaff ravaging your life is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
Wherever God places you, no devil will pull you down!
The greatest events of your life will be accomplished without sweat!
Your financial fortune testimony will go beyond Solomon's!
Be blessed undeniably with speed in Jesus' name!
Receive grace to be a delightsome tither!
Begin to flow in financial fortune!
Every siege of ill-health in your life is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
The favour of God forbids every form of misfortune in your life in Jesus’ name!

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