From today, the rain of restoration starts falling on your life in the name of Jesus!

This week is declared your week of restoration testimonies in Jesus’ precious name!

Before this year is over, people will start spying out on you!

Anything resisting your marital destiny is cursed in the name of Jesus!

Your health is totally restored in the name of Jesus!

Your zeal for God and His Kingdom is restored today in the name of Jesus!

Your runaway children are restored to you in the name of Jesus!

Your inheritance which has been wrongly taken from you is restored in Jesus’ name!

No one will take your crown!

God’s hand shall be mighty upon your life!

Enjoy peace on every side!

Unimaginable things are taking place in your life in Jesus’ name!

It will be clear to the world around you that you are in favour with God!

Your obedience to God’s directives will manifest in testimonies in Jesus’ name!

I release the judgment of God on anyone seeking to rob you of your marital dignity! 

To any agent of the devil plaguing other people's marriage, it's either you repent or come under judgment in Jesus' name!

By the end of your journey on earth, you will be called “THE BLESSED ONE.”

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