That battle of your life is declared won in Jesus’ name!

Your business and career breakthroughs are released in the name of Jesus!

As you engage in kingdom advancement prayers, God will lift you!

Every spell and enchantment against your life is nullified!

It is your season of double restoration of glory in the name of Jesus!

Every everlasting mountain of shame and reproach in your life ends now in the name of Jesus!

In this season, you will experience strange liftings and breakthroughs in Jesus’ name!

By the end of this Midst of the Year season, supernatural fortune becomes your portion!

May your passion for God this season, change your level forever in the name of Jesus!

The same God that visited Joseph will visit you and cause you to ride upon your high places!

The same way I live a pressure-free life, I decree that same grace for you in the name of Jesus!

You've been seeing the finger of God in your life, now, begin to experience God’s mighty hand!

This is the dawn of a new day for you!

An end has finally come to every issue of shame in your life!

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