Financial Stagnation Destroyed via Shiloh Sacrifice!

“I joined this Commission fully in 2012 through an invite from a brother in this church. 

Meanwhile, I experienced financial hardship which affected my family. My children were sent out of school because I couldn’t pay their school fees. Also, we relocated from a three bedroom flat to a one-bedroom apartment. In fact, I lost everything I had to the devil, except my car.

At Shiloh 2012, my wife and I agreed to offer my car as a sacrifice to the Lord on this altar. After that sacrifice, heaven opened for us and God gave us a miracle shop.

Also, God connected us to seven importers that supplied us goods without taking a dime. God also relocated our children to a high-class school in Ghana and He cancelled all our debts.

Among other testimonies, last week, God blessed us with a Honda Pilot Jeep. I give all the glory and honour to the God of this great Commission. May His name be glorified forever!” 
 --- Jonas Ibekwe

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