Direct From Papa's Books #6

“A man or woman, who wears clothes bought on credit, is under the captivity of the spirit of this world – the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes. To see a wristwatch that is worth thousands of dollars and go for it, while other pressing issues are left unattended to, is sickening!” (Page 55)
“Now tell me, what is a man doing with 2 cars when he is only just starting a business? Meanwhile, he is all over the place looking for capital. He is committing a capital sin!” (Page 55)
“The prince of the power of the air is what moves a man into the lust of the flesh and all that accompanies it. Now look into the air and say: “Christ has given me power against unclean spirits. Prince of the air: hear my voice: I am not subject to your authority. Your influence will no longer find access into my life, my flesh, or my mind. No, no more.” (Page 57)
Those who won’t go to heaven know from here, since it is written that all liars won’t go there…You know if you are a liar; so don’t expect to be raptured.” (Page 59)

Punchy and powerful quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo, from one of the books of the month of November, “Walking In The Newness of Life.” 

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