Direct From Papa’s Books #2

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Punchy and powerful quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo, from one of the books of the month of November, “Walking In The Newness of Life.”

“All unrighteousness is sin. Whatever is not right is wrong. Sin brings reproach, erodes honour, terminates dignity, cuts down and brings low. Sin is at the root of every evil because before sin came, there was no evil.” (Page 13)

“…sin is sin, no matter who commits it. Sin does not require much definition. Whatever is not right is wrong…Whatever the Bible marks wrong is sin.” (Page 14) 

“If there’s a ‘but’ around your life now, it must go, otherwise it will send you packing, just like sin sent Adam packing from the Garden of Eden…” (Page 18)
“No one will see glory nor experience honour as long as he celebrates sin. Integrity is the father of dignity.” (Page 16)
“Everyone that gets married to sin ends up giving birth to children of shame.” (Page 17)
“Not everyone that left Egypt arrived Canaan. They died unnatural death in the wilderness. They died a death of judgment because they continued in sin…Not everyone who is born-again will arrive Canaan; so let’s watch it.” (Page 19)

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