AMAZING TESTIMONIES...Do You Still Remember?


40-Year Notorious Herbalist Turned Christian!

“I lived as an herbalist for 40 years. I was the second in command in the whole world. I had a flying carpet and a moving chair to travel to anywhere in the world. 

I was popularly known as ‘Baba Onigba,’ by the media. Even government officials feared me. I was rich; married to nine wives and lived in a four-storey building with a bunker at Meiran. In fact, I had everything I needed.

During the time of Governor Marwa’s Operation Sweep, the security officers opened fire for five days on my house to arrest me, but they were unsuccessful. Whenever they tried to arrest me, the officials never returned. It was only the God of Bishop Oyedepo that arrested me.

I lost seven of my wives and 13 children and I became crippled. For 23 days, I was crawling like Nebuchadnezzar. I was in Ota General Hospital, and the Winners’ pastor in my neighbourhood visited me and told me once again to give my life to Jesus Christ. On July 26, the pastor came with anointing oil and anointed me. 

Thereafter, he asked me what tools were in my possession; I told him I had a marine wife – she was the queen of the river. The pastor took her pictures, all my charms and the mortar I had and burnt them. 
Today I am saved; I can walk and I have surrendered everything to God. I thank God for what He has done for me!” ---Taiwo, A.

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