"Thy testimonies have i taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart." (Psalm 119:111)

Delivered from Strange Illness!
“I was afflicted with a strange illness in the year 2012. Towards the end of the year 2013, my sister invited me to a mantle service. She told me to believe, assuring me that when I come in contact with the Mantle, I would be healed. So, I believed.
Afterward, I told my sister I wanted to see the Bishop. So, after the fourth service I went to see the Bishop and he laid hands on me. And I believed that I had received my healing.
Earlier, I was told I wouldn’t see the year 2014. So, after Shiloh 2013, I bought the calendar for 2014 and the Anointing Oil. When I got home, I said, ‘I use this calendar as a point of contact to this Commission. If no witch or wizard can tell the Bishop that he will not see another year, then as I put this calendar in my house, I will see the year 2014.’
I also anointed my house with the Shiloh Anointing Oil and the next day, I saw a dead bird in my house. Now, I am free!”---Faith Okpere

Divine Healing and Salvation!
“On Christmas day, a Muslim friend of mine’s daughter fell into a boiling pot of pepper. So, she was admitted in the hospital.
After he finished spending all the money he had, which was over 200, 000 naira in the hospital, he asked that his daughter be discharged. He said he didn’t want any embarrassment from the hospital.
So, eventually when I returned home, I went to meet him and asked him what the problem was. So, I saw the sores on his daughter’s body. Some people even thought she was going to die. I held a vigil with him and prayed to God Almighty.
Later, they were able to raise the money for the skin grafting and she was returned back to the hospital.
To the glory of God, they are no longer going to perform any operation, the girl is now healed!
Secondly, I met a young man whom I was told was a drug addict and he said he didn’t want to die. I asked if he was ready to give up all his sins and repent and he said he was ready. Then I said, ‘the steps I am going to take, if you go back, anything can happen.’ He still insisted that he was ready.
By the grace of God, yesterday, he gave his life to Christ and he has been baptized in water. He even said he was going to attend the Word of Faith Bible Institute. I just want to give glory to God because God is faithful! Praise the Lord!”---Zan dami kudi
Miracle Marriage and Deliverance from Death!
  “When we were concluding our marriage seminar, the bishop came to our class and told us that he would go with us. He kept saying it. And I believed it.
  The Bishop prayed for us on the 2nd of February, then on the 4th we embarked on the journey to the East for our traditional wedding, which took place on the 8th.
So while we were back there in the East, a pastor friend of ours called us,saying that he saw us in a revelation and he instructed that when we are coming back to Lagos we should not take the same vehicle and that we should not let people know about our trip and we should also pray against the spirit of death.
So, we finished our engagementh and the next day which was on the 9th, being Sunday we boarded a bus from Port Harcourt. God showed me a scripture from Psalm 106:8 that He would deliver us.
While on the journey, I received a strange call on my phone from a woman. When the woman heard my voice, she cut the call. As I was trying to call her back, one of the front tires of the bus went off the wheels and the bus started swerving. After some seconds, it started somersaulting.
When the bus finally stopped, about six people were already dead and I was seating in the front seat. I came out by myself without a single scratch on my body. I picked out my bag and started making phone calls.
The devil thought that we would not marry but God has joined us gloriously in holy matrimony! I give all the glory to the God of this Commission!”
---Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Chukwu
Miracle Job!
“For some time now, I believed God for a miracle job, because the salary I was receiving in my place of work was not sufficient. When the job was not forthcoming, I decided to quit and embark on fasting and midnight prayers for four days. The following week, the Lord showed up!
A brother called and said, ‘Let me finish making arrangements, so you can work with us at the organization.’ I said, ‘Ok sir!’ There was no written application.
The following week, I was asked to come for an interview. When I got there, I was interviewed and asked to resume in March.
The following day, I went there and I was told to resume the next day, and not the beginning of next month as earlier stated. The salary I requested for was also approved. Praise the Lord!” ---Fidelis Ezefili
Delivered from Alcoholism!
“I gave my life to Christ on March 3, during a Breaking Generational Curses service, last year. That day, when I came in, the only thing I heard the Bishop say was, ‘When light comes, darkness must flee!’
After that service, I realized that I was delivered from 22 years, seven months and two days of drinking, on March 3, 2013.
Thereafter, I attended the Basic Certificate Course (BCC) of the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). During the sessions, I was taught by pastors, who were kingdom field marshals.
Today makes it exactly one year that I stopped drinking. Also, since then, I have not been sick, I have not taken drugs and I have not womanized. I give the glory to the God of Liberation!”---Alexander B. Terngu

Supernatural Deliverance!
“In June 2013, I was in front of my shop with my son, when he suddenly screamed, ‘My eyes! My eyes!’ Instantly, I noticed that he could no longer see. I took him inside, bathed him with the blood of sprinkling, anointed his eyes and we began to sing praises. While we were praising God, he slept for six hours and woke up with the song, ‘I will lift up Jesus higher.’ Then I discovered he could see again.
On Monday morning when he was set for school, he suddenly said, ‘Don’t beat me! Don’t beat my ear!’ I didn’t see anybody but shortly after, his ear started bleeding. I gave him the Communion and his father said I should anoint his ear. When I did, the bleeding stopped.
On Tuesday morning, he said, ‘Mummy, take me to Canaanland.’ I said, ‘Today is not Sunday.’ Later, I discovered that he was excreting blood, became very weak and could not stand anymore. My neighbour told me to take him to the hospital, but he kept saying, ‘Take me to Canaanland!’ So, I did.
Immediately we got there, the boy that could not walk before, jumped down and started running around. While waiting for the pastor, he said, ‘Mummy, I saw the Bishop. He touched me and my body is not paining me again!’ Since then, everything stopped. I give glory to the God of this Commission!”---Ayesa Deborah

Divine Deliverance!
“In February 2014, my husband and I embarked on a three-day fasting and prayer, that concluded on Friday. After the vigil that Friday at 1: 45 a.m., I tried to sleep, but within 10 minutes, I felt something on my head. I tried to catch it, but the thing bit me and immediately, my body became heavy and I was unable to move.
I heard my husband say, ‘Bring the torch in your hand,’ but I was unable to move. He hit me with his elbow, then I jerked back to life and gave him the torchlight. I rushed to the toilet, urinated and Immediately, I heard a song in my spirit. Thereafter, I told my husband to give me the Blood and I drank it. I staggered back to the bed and that ended it; I felt lighter. I am alive today; I give God the glory!”
---Abidoye Morenikeji

Asthma Healed & Stagnation Destroyed
“For over ten years, I have been struggling to register my school, but to no avail. On January 6, 2013, I joined this Commission.
In July, I gave the hall of the school and all the materials use there to this Commission. On January 6, 2014, the approval process started and within three weeks, God did it for me and I have the approval letter.
Also, I attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) in August. During which, I was healed of the asthma I had been nursing for 19 years. Praise the Lord!”---Adeyemi Williams
Now a Landlord!
“During Shiloh 2011, I came and prayed to God concerning the wedding of my children and God, who does not store prayers, answered me.  Four of them got married in 2012.
To the glory of God, the four of them delivered their babies in 2013.
Also, presently, I am living in a house that I do not know how the foundation was laid. In this year of Exceeding Grace, I am now a landlord! I give glory to God Almighty. Praise the living Jesus!” ---C.R. Samuel

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