Direct From Papa #2

“There’s what is called environmental anointing. There was no name of Lot in God’s mouth, but because he accompanied Abraham The Blessed, the blessings began to manifest in his life…So, he was a beneficiary of the “environmental anointing”…And, then Saul found himself in the midst of prophets, and he began to prophesy with them. Now you are in a place where praise produces strange works. We are beneficiaries of the efficacy of the mystery of praise. We praise our way out of the common realms to strange realms. So you partake out of that environmental unction right here.”

“You don't wait for prophecies to be fulfilled. You engage in the required warfare to see prophecies fulfilled and one of the warfares is praise.”

“A great coach alone never makes a star. It is how much the sportsman engages the instructions of the coach and practices according to the rules offered him, that determines whether he becomes a star or not. I can't dance for you; I can't sing for you; you have to do your own singing and dancing. Our church is a do-it-yourself system. We tell you what to do and we leave you to do it if you are interested. A number of us came out of Hagin's school of faith as our mentor, but not all of us are able to reproduce what Hagin taught because not all of us were prepared to engage in the practice of those things as a lifestyle. So, over to you..."

David Oyedepo, Hosanna Night and Feet-washing Service, Friday August 8, 2014

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