“Prior to delivery, when I was heavily pregnant, Papa said we should come to church with a soul. Although, I was seriously in pain and had to hold unto something, I stood up and was motivated by the testimony of the woman that had elephantiasis. She was on the road for God and was healed. I went out and was able to bring four souls to church on Sunday. My mother in-law kept calling that there were prophecies from different pastors that there were forces waiting for me on the day of delivery. I wasn’t moved and I knew that Papa already declared during Shiloh that all expectant mothers were going to have safe deliveries. I didn’t panic and I told her mummy I’m going to have a safe delivery.  

I was booked for Caesarian section. On my way to the hospital, my first daughter started crying and my mother in-law would read meaning to it. I began assuring her that I was going to come back in peace.  During the surgery when they were bringing out the baby, I planned I was going to sing praises and pray throughout. All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk. The person monitoring me noticed this and put oxygen in my nose, but it didn’t work. Then I told myself that even if I can’t talk I’ll pray from within. However, I anointed myself before going to the theater and tied a mantle on my head. All of a sudden, I started breathing again. I give God all the glory. After the delivery, I noticed that my daughter’s eyes were yellow, I took her back to the hospital to be checked and they ran series of test. The test really scared them and they said she had to be admitted. I didn’t shake; I knew God was with me. They wanted to set a line on her hand. 

The doctors kept flushing and flushing. And it was painful. I noticed that her eyes kept a gaze and was foaming as she rolled her eyes up and I saw her give up right in my arms as I carried her. At first I panicked and shouted my baby, my baby, my baby. All of a sudden I heard in my head “if you cry she’s gone, if you cry she’s gone.” I stood up and said father I thank you because I would not cast my young. A woman came to me to calm me down. I told her not to touch me that my daughter was only sleeping. I said Opemipo rise up in the name of Jesus. She was gone for over 5 minutes but sneezed and started crying. Even the doctors said only God could have done it. I give God all the glory.”

Testifier: Mrs. Nike Samson

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