Read Bishop Oyedepo's Tribute to Myles and Ruth Munroe

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Myles and I called ourselves ‘twin brothers’
Myles, my twin brother is gone up to glory
Ruth, his partner in life and death has gone to eternal rest
Faith and I miss you both!
Our moments together on this side of the Jordan were most memorable.

We stayed together on several occasions under the same roof
We lodged in same hotels time and again; we shared the platform together preaching the good news of the Kingdom over the years.
Our friendship of over 24 years was a most enriching and adventurous one,
Our partnership in ministry was also a most profitable and rejuvenating one.

Myles, my twin brother
A bundle of inspiration
A man of spiritual depth and insight
A leader of leaders and teacher of teachers

Ruth, a bundle of joy and divine radiance
Your smiles were ever contagious,
You exhumed gentleness, love and care like a fountain
You were indeed a priceless jewel!

The two of you were swifter than eagles
You literally traversed the globe
As you taught nations the principles of the Kingdom
You were both as strong as the unicorn,
Energetic, untiring, never relenting, purposeful and focused

I could still remember, Myles and I took all the inaugural induction lectures for the pioneer Faculty and Staff of Covenant University in August 2002.
All of Myles’ meetings on our church platform were ever inspiring and impactful.
The Living Faith Church Worldwide really misses you!

Good night Myles, my twin brother!
         Good night Ruth, his partner in life and in death

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  1. You will be missed dearly. It is well. Goodnight God's Generals!

  2. His messages at Shiloh 2006 - Destined to Win - still rings on in my ears!

  3. We are comforted by the assurance that U both are resting fully in God's kingdom where the real life begins,, and also by the fact that u left empty. We miss u dearly but thank God for the wells of life boosting materials U left us with. It is up to us to live up to our full potentials just as u taught us to. Papa and Mama Munroe, U are missed beyond words. Goodnight

  4. Good good night to Gods General. u will continue to live the graces u left behind!

  5. Still speechless but thankful for an inspiring and motivating life well spent. Till we meet at the bosom of our Lord, good night!

  6. My heart is fill of heaviness, it still look it like a dream to me.
    I cant not forget the last time I was one on one with at Ibadan for a meeting...
    believe Gods know it all
    Good night great mentor, teacher and father in faith

  7. Good night Myles, my twin brother!

    Good night Ruth, his partner in life and in death

  8. You went empty

  9. This generation has plenty to talk about concerning you. Your legacy lives on and we forever cherish your prints on the sands of life. Rest in glory as your impact continues to speak on this side of life. We celebrate God Almighty for you and your beloved wife. God bless

  10. It is well... only God Almighty knows best. Rest In Peace, Dr. Myles and wife.

  11. My Bishop has said it all...we take solace in the hope we have in the bossom of Jesus. Good night Dr. Myles you truly have gone miles ahead of your generation.

  12. Good nite Myles and Ruth Munroe one of my greatest mentors! I'm gonna miss u esp @ Shiloh programmes!

  13. May their precious souls rest in perfect peace. The Winners family and the entire world will surely
    miss this God's generals

  14. The apostle of purpose is gone. you once said " the greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose" - MYLES you have indeed fulfilled purpose and all i can say is goodnight to a great general. Odun a jina sira oo...amin. - Psalm 90: 12.

  15. I met and knew you at Shiloh 2006 and stayed with your spirit to drink more.. I can't 4 get ur voice

  16. You impacted my life and others. I have an inner peace and know you and your lovely wife Ruth are with the Good Lord. God bless u. U can't b 4goten

  17. good night.........may your spirit be rejuvenate in this era....bye bye myles

  18. I knew what you are meant to be to me just then you slept. As a twin brother to my father who begat me, you did connected me to the past which showed me the importance I served in this kingdom and to this generation, as a link to the future long awaited by the world. I am greatful to God almighty to have me, knew and swallowed your voices alive and at death. I believe your spirit is right upon me able to take the third world from beyond where you dropped us to the very front line of the world where we will be taking our rightful place in the committee of nations, as we take our majestic return trip back into the actual glory of our Heavenly Father. ENJOY YOUR SLEEP till HE comes!


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