I Prophesy Over You THIS WEEK!!! ...Bishop David Oyedepo

Wherever you have been rejected, you shall be celebrated!
By the anointing, the yoke of misfortune is broken in your life in Jesus' name!
By the anointing, I decree you turned into another man!
I command every yoke of the wicked on your life, business, career, family and children, destroyed today by the anointing in the name of Jesus!
From now, I decree that you walk in financial dominion!
Today, receive a breakthrough mentality in Jesus' name!
The last accident you suffered is the last you will ever suffer!
No one reading this will die young in the name of Jesus!
You shall not be a fortune beggar but a fortune commander!
By the anointing, that source of sickness and disease is forced out of your body!
By the anointing, whatever tree my heavenly Father has not planted in your body is uprooted now in the name of Jesus!
The giving grace is released on your life in the name of Jesus!
From today, because Jesus never begged, you will never beg!
From now, you are flying!
You are taking territories from now in the name of Jesus!
It's your turn to experience open heavens!
You are defended and protected!
Whatever you believe God for, turns to you as a testimony today in the name of Jesus!
As giving becomes your lifestyle, God will be enlarging your coast!
You have stepped into your week of testimonies!

Prophetic Instruction: Throughout this week, anoint yourself and take a shot of the anointing oil every night.


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