Why I Must Attend Shiloh 2014 (Pt.1)

The late Dr. Myles Munroe it was who said, "When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable." What is the purpose of Shiloh 2014? Why is God calling us at Shiloh 2014? This is what Bishop David Oyedepo, the President and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide said recently concerning Shiloh 2014, buttressing it with a striking testimony from the very first Shiloh in 1999.

“I heard from God in the month of May 1998. Before we scratched the ground here, God told me about this centre (referring to Faith Tabernacle). And from the first Shiloh, somebody who was crippled for 23 years got up on his feet and he is still walking till date. He is presently in the church in Benin City. He was in Abuja 2 years ago to testify that he was the first person to rise up as a cripple at Shiloh 1999.”
That's not all; the 60-year-old grandfather Apostle of Faith went deeper into what to expect at Shiloh:
“Understand that God draws people to lift them, expand and to enlarge them. God is not looking for a crowd; He is looking for whom to bless. God is not looking for a crowd, He’s looking for whom to Crown. So it's vital for you and I to understand that Shiloh is a divine appointment for the advancement of Winners. It is absolutely a family affair; those who want to take cover under you can join you. It is actually a family affair.”
Then the prophet of this generation didn't fail to remind members of the church why they should take advantage of the great event for their own good:
“God doesn't need you; you are the one who needs God. Your membership is a burden to God if you are not advancing. Wake up and take responsibility. Now Shiloh has come, you might still be selling at your kiosk making two or five naira daily; you have one small office and you won’t let anybody rest, instead of shutting it down and say it is time to move forward. When God is giving you an appointment for your advancement; you just ignored it.”
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