At 7:43, Faith Tabernacle time, Bishop Abioye mounted the podium, and as usual, the whole congregation erupted in shouts of joy when his face showed on the wide screen. No doubts, such or even more, would have been experienced across the 45 designated viewing centres as well as in the homes of those who were hooked to the service via the internet. How loved that man is! That's a topic for another day! 

But if you thought the 50,000-seater auditorium had experienced shouts, you ought to have sensed the spiritual uproar that followed his first statement. "Finally, finally, Shiloh 2014 is here; your heaven is open," he thundered, pronouncing 'open' as if it had double letter 'O' and triple letter 'E'. 

Oh, did I forget to tell you who Bishop Abioye is? He's the first Vice President of the ministry, a man who has remained loyal to the call of God upon his life by staying obedient to his father in the Lord, Bishop Oyedepo for 35 years now. Many have come to refer to him as the quintessential symbol of obedience and stewardship. Back to Shiloh 2014!

He re-emphasized what Shiloh is not, and what it is, including "To divide the inheritance of God's people to them." But he quickly reminded the congregation that it starts with an open door. He ended by assuring everyone that "the apostle over this commission" would soon mount the podium to "open the door" with God's word. 

And then, at 7:47, the president of the commission, the grand-father apostle of faith, often referred to as Papa, was seen on the podium, in his characteristic milk colour suit, who immediately delved into the business of the day! 

Read the next story to read how Papa opened Shiloh 2014!

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