To All Winners Worldwide...

Have you visited our blog today? It is getting spiritually loaded every day. This is official; we are the Press and Publicity Unit at Faith Tabernacle, Ota, Africa. We reach the world via FT News.
Here, born-again journalists have come together to serve God in this unit where we write stories in furtherance of the Liberation Mandate, the marching orders given to our father in the Lord. From Canaanland to Goshen; from Ota to the USA; we report stuff about the commission and about the founder as well as his generals.
We bring you the sermon in a balanced reportage, giving you the newsy highlights to complement what you may have already known. We also do interviews, profiling of individuals and other service groups, and inter-service group reporting. We are the Press and Publicity Unit! WE ARE FT NEWS! Join us if you are a born-again, practicing journalist. Visit our blog daily for these and more. 
Remain blessed. 
Exceeding grace!

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