"When we sense a higher power, we clear off the highway"

In 1979, I was to stand in for a senior one who could not attend a fellowship of youths. I just encountered some light then that I am far above all principalities and power. I was looking for where to prove it and I found that platform. After the ministration, I made a strange altar call and I said, ‘is there's anyone here who's a witch, stand up’. I was 25 years old. It's not about age, it's about discovery.

They stood up en masse and I said, ‘sit down, I don't mean they are calling you a witch all you sleep at night and dream about being a witch; I mean, real, practicing witch.’ They still stood up en masse. And I called one of them up and said, "What do you do with the devil". She said, ‘Anytime we want to suck blood, we go on the highway and cause a vehicle to somersault, and then we suck the blood of the victims.’

Then without hesitation, I asked, what happens when people like us are coming? She said, "When we sense a higher power, we clear off the highway."

--- Bishop David Oyedepo
March 26, 2017



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