“Some people think I'm using them; that's how corrupt their mind is. Use you for what? He's not even using me; He's raising me. This Sunday (February 19), it will be 48 years since I gave my life to Christ. As far back as 1979, I said to them, the time of ‘come let's go’ is over; it is 'I'm going, if you are interested, you follow.' I didn't know you then. Use you for what?”--- Bishop David Oyedepo, February 15, 2017.


  1. Those thinking such, are the ones whom the scriptures described in 2Cor.4:4. They forget that the race to inheriting eternal life is an individual race but it requires someone to show the way to attaining the eternal life of which Papa is one of those assigned with the mandate of directing people how to attain that eternal life. Keep doing what you are called to do sir.

  2. We thank God for the God-given Vision, God given direction, and the unwavering faith to drive it in God's perfect will Papa. You are a true visionary and a Legend of our time. I pray for God to raise more such ones like you through this divine commission! We are blessed to be part of it everyday!


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