"I Prophesy Over You This Week!" By Bishop David Oyedepo

By the high favour of God, I decree impossibilities around your life turned to testimonies!
Failure comes to an end in your life in Jesus' name!
Your love for God is ignited in the name of Jesus!
The favour of God upon your life is multiplied in the name of Jesus!
The misfortune of marital crises and joblessness around your life is over today in the name of Jesus!
Anything that represents the work of the devil in your life is cast out in Jesus’ name!
By the favour of God, your ‘waiting to be settled’ in marriage is over today in the name of Jesus!
Receive grace to favour the advancement of God's Kingdom as a lifestyle, in Jesus’ name!
This week is declared a week of divine favour testimonies for you in Jesus' name!
Your story is changing for the better continually!
Every closed case is re-opened in your favour!
Anything the devil has stolen from you is restored this week in the name of Jesus!
You will never run out of favour anymore!
I decree on your life a fresh baptism of the love of God that will take you to new heights in Jesus' name!
Watch out, the world will soon be coming to you!

All your Kingdom advancement investment will pay off in due time and you will become a surprise to yourself and your world. So keep on!

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