These Can Only Be God: 2016 TESTIMONIES (Recorded live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle) PART 1

“I have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 5 years now. Last Sunday, 10th July, 2016, after the Communion, my taste for drugs and alcohol died.”
Testifier: Chika O. M.

“I’m from Ngboba, Port Harcourt. I had in mind to build a house for my parents who had no house of their own. Immediately I made this decision, my uncle and aunty in the village stood against the plan and told me the house would never be built. As a result, my uncle began to pack the blocks to patch his own house just to frustrate me but I stood my grounds. I knew it would not be wise to physically fight them. So, I turned the battle over to God; I would go to the site, anoint the ground, sprinkle the blood and declare the Word. Sometimes, I would go there with my car and park just to play Papa’s message. This continued until the building began. When it was time to roof the house, my aunt said that she didn’t want the water/rain from the roof to touch her own ground or compound; and the battle continued. I again prayed to God to just intervene, and that was exactly what God did; God struck my aunt with blindness and my uncle who said he had eye problems was given eye drop to use. As he applied the eye drop, he became paralyzed and blind. My parents are now living in the house. I have come to give God all the glory.”
Testifier: Dcn Chidebere Aanafo

“I have come to return all the glory to God Almighty that has made me whole. On one Thursday after service, I prayed one hour at home and the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I should administer the mantle round my neck. After a while, I tried to sleep but while waiting, my phone sounded after which I was unable to sleep again. While I was still on the bed, I felt a strange movement on the left hand side of my breast.
I did not actually take a conscious attention. However, when I sensed that the movement continued, I shouted the name of Jesus and all of a sudden, something dropped. Lo and behold, it was a scorpion-like moving object. I killed it and I knew that indeed I am whole. Praise God!”
Testifier: MRS Ohimai Rita

“I have come to testify to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. I have enjoyed divine health, vitality and supernatural healing since joining this commission. I used to spend money on hospital bills amongst other things but when we came here, I started obeying every prophetic instruction that comes from this altar. Then my faith began to grow on the various mysteries like the communion, feet washing, witnessing Christ in outreaches among others. Now my family members and I are free from sickness and we are all in perfect health. To God be all the praise!”
Testifier: Mrs Utete

Transformation After Water Baptism
“After I got baptized, God changed my life.  I had spots on my body over a year now, but after the baptism, everything changed. I used to have nightmares but it’s all gone. God changed my life. I have come to thank God for my life.”
Testifier: Sis. Mary

I joined this commission in 2009, believing God for marital breakthrough. My two sisters got married at a very late age and I believed God that my case would be different. God's servant while ministering at Shiloh 2014, pointed towards my direction and I began sobbing as something left me.
During Shiloh 2015 I said to myself I’m testifying in the celebration night though I came with my convert and a voice said if you don’t despise this shame you won’t see my glory, not knowing God had a surprise package for me. I was in relationship and my fiance said that the relationship was a 50-50 chance. He later called to inform me of our introduction and traditional marriage this year January. 
Testifier: Uche Ehionu.

I joined this commission in 2012 in Taraba state. I came to Lagos trusting God for a miracle house. Meanwhile, I bought a car that almost claimed my life, my wife’s and a friend in an accident. I fixed the car and sold it. In less than seven months God made a way for me, I bought a land in Epe and in less than a year I completed our house. I return all the glory to God.
Testifier: James

I am privileged to be a cell minister and a lawyer by training.  
God had laid it into our hearts - my wife and I, that we should start a day care primary school. The project had commenced since 2014. With a good understanding on corporate tithing, we decided to sow the first 200 Naira income as our first fruit.
To the glory of God, what the legal profession could not give me in twenty years, God did it for me. From a three-bedroom rented apartment, God gave us our own eight-room duplex. We moved in on April 18th, 2016. I have come to appreciate God for His faithfulness. To HIM alone be all the praise! 
Testifier: Pastor Ogbona Obiefule


I keyed into kingdom advancement prayers, we were instructed by Mama Faith Oyedepo to read KEYS TO DIVINE HEALTH. And I did it. I also joined the security service group. Today I’m completely healed. I’m thanking God because Matt.6:33 has been fulfilled in my life.
Testifier: Gift Princess

My name is Onyeakor David, a graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri. While in school, I was committed to campus fellowship. I also read every book authored by Bishop David Oyedepo that I could lay my hands on. Upon graduation, I got a phone call from the manager of the company where I did my Industrial Training, asking me if would like to further my studies in Australia and study a new course in the interest of the company? …“with all pleasure”, I replied.
Since last year the process for traveling began and I keyed into the soul-winning agenda and trusted God that it would definitely come to pass. To God be all the Glory, on Friday June 24th, 2016, I was given a visa to study in Queensland University Southern Australia with all expenses paid. Praise God! 

I have come to give God all the glory for restoring my life and my joy back. Six years ago when I relocated from Ikorodu to Afromedia, I moved into an apartment with my wife and three children. After a year, we started experiencing strange deaths that took the lives of all our children, sent my wife away, took my job and burnt my bus, leaving me with nothing. On July 10th, I gave my life to Christ after being invited by a brother to this church. I anointed my house. Then the strange death came again and hit my kitchen, destroying almost everything there. On July 12th, my landlady died and her children accused me to be responsible but I was later vindicated. The devil tormented my family for twelve years, but the God of Winners used only fourteen days to wipe out twelve people. I give JEHOVAH all the glory for avenging me. 

“We wedded on July 30th 2016. In the course of preparing for the wedding, Papa visited our counseling class and prayed specifically that we would not shed tears on our wedding day and that anyone raising his or her head against our union would go down for us. We said amen!
The lady that was supposed to be my fiancée’s chief bridesmaid came on the eve after turning down the proposal, preferring to cook the food instead; she was informed that a caterer was in charge. Unhappy with the development, she located the contracted caterer. In a desperate attempt to poison the food at midnight, the power of God struck her; and began screaming ‘fire’ and went mad. Praise the Lord!”
Testifiers: Mr & Mrs JACOB OZOMOGHE

“I returned from the 2016 Youth Alive convention, challenged to go after souls. I decided to go out on the field and vowed that I must bring four people today. I got the four and  prayed at midnight again and at 3am. I went to their houses and I brought 6 people to church this morning and three gave their lives to Christ. I have come to return all the glory to God.”

“I have been in this commission for the past 6years. I was trusting God for a miracle job and during the 2016 youth convention I asked God to give me a job that would allow me serve him well (attend cell fellowship and midweek service). On Saturday I was called for an interview and I was simply asked to resume on Monday. God also granted me a scholarship into a higher institution. I will be resuming at Nassarawa State University in January 2017.To God be the glory!”
Testifier: Blessing Chioma
Firstly, God restored our marriage; my wife got a new job without an interview or application with the federal government. Then at the same time she did a test and was told she was not pregnant. We started using some drugs because some people suggested it was an arrow from the enemy or fibroid. We later saw a doctor who is a member of Winner’s Chapel, and he prayed and anointed her. Prior to this time we had been going for a series of scan but this time we were told she was pregnant. We named the baby Daniel.
“It happened in 2005, when my house and shop were demolished in Abuja, nothing was working for me and family. We came to Ota with nothing. In that year when we attended service, Papa said whatever your hand finds to do, do it. From there I got a job as a cleaner at Covenant University where I worked with all my heart. Whenever I saw student’s belongings, I usually kept it carefully. My colleagues would then ask, why are you so careful about these students? I would reply that it’s because my children will come to Covenant University. They would laugh me to scorn. But that didn’t weigh me down. I give God all the glory because, my daughter has just graduated from Covenant University and others are in Landmark University. More are still on their way to Covenant University; I give God all the glory.”
My wife got pregnant and after two months, she went for a scan and the baby was doing fine but three months later she a new scan revealed the baby had turned upside down. We believed God for a miracle through fasting and prayers. Then we went back again for another scan which showed that the baby had returned to the right position. She was successfully delivered of our baby, but a few days later the baby started running temperature and was rushed to the hospital. Both mother and child were placed under admission. Then a word came to me from Ephesians 2:6 and I told my wife to stop crying, since there is no crying or weeping in heaven. Within 30 minutes the baby became better and the doctor said we could go home. Also, before I joined this commission in 2008, I used to fall sick. I prayed to God for a change of life and God healed me. I give God all the glory.
“I am grateful to God for healing me of diabetics. I came to this church for the first time in June 2016 under the siege of diabetics for 5 years. It was an Anointing Service. While in church that day, I went out to urinate 3 times. In fact, my pair of trousers was already wet before the Bishop mounted the altar. After the administration of the Anointing Oil that day till today, I have not noticed any of the symptoms as before; I now urinate normally. I give God the glory.”
Testifier: Gift Ozondu

“I came to Shiloh 2015 with 3 prayer points on my Prayer Expectations Card, and as of July 24th, God has answered them all. First, I asked God to give me the boldest mind to preach the gospel in my hometown, Abriba. God did it as I started preaching from my father’s compound where I shared fliers to my brothers and half-brothers and half-sisters and many of them gave their life to God. Secondly, I asked God to destroy the siege of death in my family. In fact, at a time, 2 people died in two days consecutively. I asked God to destroy the canopies of burial and replace them with the canopies of marriage. A few days later, my elder sister called to inform me that her daughter would be wedding soon in the Winners’ Chapel, Abriba.  Thirdly, I have 4 beautiful sisters who are all graduates, but no jobs, no husbands. I asked God for an opportunity to send them abroad. On January 4th, 2016, the four of them travelled out of the country the same day, same time and on the same plane. Glory be to God!”
Testifier: Lydia Ernest

“I had been insane for about three years before I joined the Commission in June 2015. I had been taken to a place for healing but there was no solution. In fact, the situation was so serious that they would beat me just for me to be calm. When I came to this church in June last year, nobody laid hands on me; it was just the Word of His servant that brought about my healing. I am now sound mentally. In fact, I have been active in the Environmental Squad Unit of the Church since then, and I know that a mad person won’t be able to do that. To God be all the glory.”
Testifier: Miss Akpan Christy

“I left the house for church this morning with my niece, Chiamaka Victory Nebochike. There was nothing wrong with her when we left the house but when we got to the Zonal bus station, she began to explain some discomfort, and in no time she slumped. Her mouth was closed, hands stiffed. With the help of the brethren in the bus, I tried to force some Anointing Oil into her mouth. We also tied a mantle round her neck, and we started praying, calling on the God of Bishop Oyedepo to intervene. God truly intervened and brought her back to life. Chiamaka will be 10 years in December 2016. I have come to return all the glory to God.”
Testifier: Olaosun Nkiruka


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