(Part 2) These Can Only Be God: 2016 TESTIMONIES (Recorded live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

“For the past 12 years I have had HIV. I came to this commission and was privileged to attend WOFBI. During the Anointing service on July 17th   2016, I took a shot of the oil as instructed from the altar and behold I became whole again. I return all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo.”
Testifier: Bolakale A.

“Four years ago, my husband was privileged to travel out for his Post Doctoral research work as a lecturer. While we were there I took in and three months into the pregnancy, I was told that I won’t go through the pregnancy due to complications and that my life was at stake. The only way out was to evacuate it. My husband opted out saying we can’t take any life let alone make one that if anything happens along the line we will take it in good fate. They insisted my life was at stake and in order to clear the issue on ground, he was asked to sign to it which he did and we had faith in God. To the glory of God I had a hitch-free pregnancy. When I gave birth to our son we faced a lot of challenges, most of his organs were affected. All through his first one year we were on and off in the hospital. After doing everything they could, the team of Doctors told us that he had three weeks to live. I took him home by then my husband was back in the country. While we were at home for two weeks he was actually dying gradually.
Then I told God to prove to this people that they were not always right because they believe their predictions always come true. I lost words for prayers, all I could say was “Father I thank you, God of Bishop Oyedepo I thank you. If you choose to take this child now, I swear I will keep serving you” all of a suddenly he breathed and I thought he has passed on and to the glory of God when I woke up in the morning he was still alive and I took him to the hospital, the Doctors were surprised. They ran a check and confirmed that everything was normal again. Still, they said the child can’t come back to Nigeria until when he is 15years old, but we insisted. Meanwhile, we contacted Canaanland and Papa was releasing declarations to us. They contacted experts in Nigeria to be checking on them in case anything goes wrong. When we got back we had the privilege to see Papa, he prayed for us and since then I started applying the communion, I attended WOFBI and I had revelations through Papa’s book Exploits of Faith. Since then he is sound and healthy. Secondly, our suitcase got missing at the airport and after two months we were called to pick it up. To God be the Glory.”
Testifier: Mrs. Patience E. A

“I joined this commission a few years back. Our house was flooded as a result of rains and we had to move to my husband’s uncle’s place and things became tough for us. We became a subject of mockery left and right. But that fateful “enough is enough” service, I believed all the words that Papa spoke that day like never before. Then I embarked on a four-day dry fasting and prayer and the heavens opened: my lost job was restored the following Monday with good pay. God also healed my neck pain. I came to return all glory to the living God.

“I receive a called into the ministry in 2012, but I have not been operating in the realm of power to perform signs. On Sunday 31st of July when Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. was reading from Luke 5:17, he said that Jesus was teaching and the power of God was present to heal the sick. I got charged up and was moved to pray for a sister that was ill and she received her healing.”

“During the Youth Alive Convention through the preaching and teaching I received at the course of the program, I engaged in prayers and fasting with the impact I got and received my healing at the right sight of my eyes where I had pains. I could not see well at that side of the eye. When I went to see a doctor I was diagnosed with Glaucoma. Right now I can see properly with this side of my eye.”
Testifier: Daniel Ben-Ajepe

“I have been smoking Indian hemp for some time now. Someone invited me to this church and I came during an anointing service in the month of August. Papa prayed for first timers and I saw God’s intervention afterwards as I could no longer smoke Indian hemp, having lost the taste of it. I give God all the glory.”
Testifier: Mr. A. Eze

“I joined this great Commission in 2006. I lost my parents when I finished my secondary school and I was left to take care of myself.  I started working for a company as a cleaner for over 3 years ago. When I came to this church, my prayer point was that God should change my story but nothing seemed to be working for me. Papa kept saying if you’ve been in this church for 3 months and nothing has changed in your life, you can leave. Because of that, I decided to stop coming to this church. That week, a deaconess from the church met me while on outreach and preached to me. And I returned home to this church.
When I came back, I rededicated my life to Christ. I prayed and told God to give me overnight turn-around according to the testimonies I have been hearing from this altar. When I came to church on April 17th, Papa preached on tithing and I had not been paying my tithe. When I prayed, God instructed me to start paying my tithe. The following Sunday I came with my tithe and I paid it.
On Thursday that week, my boss made me his account officer without qualification. Even when I tried to disqualify myself by telling him that I didn’t know how to operate a computer, he said that was the reason I must start learning right away. On Friday, I was given my appointment letter just with SSCE certificate, an office where there were more qualified people. I return all the glory to God!”


“The Lord delivered me from occultic home where I went to work last year in order to go back to school. I needed a job so I could save money. When I got there I never knew it was an occultic home, I noticed that insects were falling on my body from the bed and there was no hole on the ceiling. At some point I went to meet the mistress of the house that there was something wrong somewhere but she told me that it was not possible for insects to be falling because she was just new there as well. When she came in and checked the ceiling everything was okay so I now decided that I had to go on prayers. I fasted for 3 days and I was doing midnight prayer as well, the second day the insect disappeared, it never came back again till I left. I just noticed that after some time my body was worse than someone that had chicken pox, it started from my face. I was diagnosed of different things and several tests were conducted but they said there was no skin infection or anything like that. I returned home. I eventually rushed to Canaanland in August and I bought the communion, I used to drink it and wash my face and entire body with it. I returned in January and my health was deteriorating and I was advised to go back and run some tests.
I was diagnosed of hyperthyroidism and I was going to operate on my neck. When my pastor’s wife came, she asked if I had gone for tests and I explained to her that I was not sick but it was a spiritual attack where I went to work and then she said we should join our faith together in prayers. I stopped taking the drugs I was supposed to take, I came here on May 1st (Liberation day) and dropped my result on the altar. Since then I have been on the communion, my cell minister has also been helping out. I also had an attack on my leg and I could not move. I want to thank God for healing me totally today.
Testifier: Ndifreke Abasi Sandra


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