I PROPHESY OVER YOUR LIFE TODAY...Bishop David Oyedepo, Wednesday February 24, 2016

Every battle in front of you today will be turned to a testimony before this season is over.

  • Before 27th of March, you are singing a new song.
  • Before this season is over, you are singing a glorious song
  • Receive grace to walk in complete obedience,
  • Grace to receive every instruction from the Lord and run with it with every zeal and zest is released to you today in Jesus’ name.
  • No day shall be wasted.
  • Today is declared your day.
  • Every one you open your mouth to today will follow you to serve your God.
  • This is your week of rewards; take delivery of your bumper rewards.
  • Your going out is preserved
  • Your going out is protected
  • Your coming in is protected.
  • No evil report for you this year.
  • No thief, no robber knocks on your door throughout this year.
  • You are a point of contact to all other members of this commission, their going out and coming in is protected.
  • Their going out and coming in is preserved.
  • It is your year of from Glory to Glory and so shall it be, in Jesus mighty Name,
  • Amen.


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