"Every open door provokes the rise of adversaries." And since the devil can’t close the door, he strives to deny you access to it, or hinder your entrance. But you’ve got to be violent because the violent taketh it by force – it was given to you for free anyway but it has to be taken by force because of the enemy’s resistance. That’s what happens on the altar of prayer because upon mount Zion there shall be deliverance.

You’ve got to resist the devil or he won’t flee. Until there's resistance from you, the devil takes your silence for acceptance. It’s another way of saying, ride on devil, I’m enjoying it! God forbid!

Imagine an army with its ARSENAL (a weapons storehouse). And there comes an attack! If they don’t engage the weapons, they will be captured and killed for free. That is just life; the one who is trying to put you down is not sleeping yet, why are you sleeping? You’ve got to fight because the victory is already yours but you’ve got to’ve got to CONTEND IN BATTLE...

You have all the weapons, but it is by praying that you start fighting and this is how prayer and fasting defeats the devil:
  •  It empowers the saints: Remember, the only language the devil understands is not explanations but power. When you are empowered, you have dominion that is why Power is an absolute necessity at every point of the Christian journey. So if fasting and prayer does not culminate in power, it is a waste. 
  • By the emanation of light: When your light breaks forth, darkness has no argument.
Take home: Silence means: “devil carry on, I'm enjoying it.” Therefore, I say to you today: SILENCE NO MORE!

Scriptural references:
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From: my sermon notes: January 19, 2016 as preached by Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.

Lucky Ihanza


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