News Update: Special Instruction From God Through His Servant

Bishop David Oyedepo, the Apostle over this Commission, announced this evening that beginning from tonight, every Winner should engage the mystery of nightly anointing. Speaking after the evening prayers today, Papa, as he is fondly called, instructed that every member of this Commission should begin to use the anointing oil of yesterday (Sunday January 17, 2016) for spiritual warfare every night. 
"Anoint yourself tonight, anoint any part of your body that is hurting," he instructed, urging them to engage the Healing Power of God and the Yoke-destroying power of God in the oil.

Speaking earlier in his sermon, the man of God underscored the place of power as the core ministry of prayer and fasting. 

"The Core ministry of prayer and fasting is our empowerment into next is power that wins the war in all spiritual battles...You can speak the finest English and still be oppressed, we are not talking about grammar; we are talking about power because it is power that wins the war," he noted, quoting from Psalm 66:3.
He stated that our greatest need was empowerment into next levels, urging every member to add it to their prayer card. 
"If you don't have it on your prayer card, put it there need an encounter with His power, you have struggled enough. Empowerment puts you on top of life's situations...I'm not saying you are not speaking in tongues, you can speak in deeper tongues for greater command."
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: "We are on covenant medication: anoint yourself every night, take a shot of the oil, please go to bed with that and then you find God perfecting everything that concerns you, especially your health." --- Bishop David Oyedepo, Hour of Prayer, January 19, 2016



  2. Very awesome prophetic and declaration message, here in the Phils.,especially Tanauan City, Batangas, we have almost 10 Lagos, Nigerian brethren who are attending our sunday worship service.


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