"My Greatest Revelation Ever" --- Bishop Oyedepo

If you have ever wondered what is the greatest revelation for Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo; if you have ever wondered what he is using for sweat-less triumphs; if you have ever wondered what he is doing differently that makes him so different; if you have ever wondered what kind of keys he is using that seem to open every necessary door; if you have ever wondered...

Well, maybe you already know it; maybe it appeared too simple the first time you heard it; just maybe you were thinking it has to be something so complex and grandiose!
Well, he has been talking about it – so much that many people have subscribed to it and it’s delivering the same results in their life (congratulations to you if you are one of them). 

Here you have it again – hear it from him directly:
“The greatest revelation of my life is Matthew 6:33. And since 1976, it has never failed to deliver. This is the key; stop crying fruitless cries. If you don't have the keys to a door, crying won't help. Crying is a futile adventure. The key to Good things is ‘seeking first the kingdom of God.’ If you don't catch it this year, you may never catch it again. This is the Master Key of life. Can I tell you something, it costs you nothing to seek first the kingdom of God but it pays you everything.I enlisted in this madness since '76. If you want to be in favour with God for a struggle-free access to the good things of life, this is the key.
Every good thing is my entitlement in Christ, but delivery is in obedience to Matthew 6:33. And nothing pleases a father like the obedience of his child. If Matthew 6:33 doesn't change your life, something is wrong.”

...Bishop David Oyedepo, January 21, 2016.


By Lucky Ihanza


  1. Jackpot of life! I subscribed to it and as we all say, it works like wild fire! Hallelujah!!

  2. Great man ever....You are a blessing to this generation and beyond...

  3. I went into an allegiance with the Lamb yesterday night to be in compliance with Matt.6:33. And there hand been this joy unspeakable........ Glory!!!

  4. I'm a living proof that Matt.6:33 works!

  5. Every good thing is my entitlement in Christ but DELIVERY is guaranteed in obedience to Matt 6:33....deep revelation! Thank you Sir.


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