The Wonder-Double season was indeed commanded by God as numerous testimonies validated this instruction from God. After Bishop David Oyedepo declared the Wonder-Double season, he encouraged every member to dive in to ensure that they were part of the end-time army that God is raising to rescue souls from the pit of hell. He said that in respect to our commitment, God would show up on our behalf in every area of our lives.

Truly it was so; testimonies flowed from all over the world from people who cared to obey God’s instructions. During this season, there were series of testimonies recorded of God flushing out strange objects from the lives of His people.
For example, Mrs. Benedict Ayi, who joined Winners’ in June 2015, testified of how she suffered from an affliction for nine years and had spent all her resources trying to find a cure to no avail. She met with a pastor who prayed with her and gave her fliers to distribute assuring her that the God of Wonder-Double would visit her. God did! After partaking of the communion at a mid-week service, she got home and excreted a ‘black snake,’ and has been made whole since then.

Also, during the Wonder-Double season, Mr. James Monday vomited three live frogs and a cockroach after partaking of the anointing oil. He had been in pains for a long time and had sought medical attention and all efforts proved abortive till the God of Wonder-Double stepped in and flushed out the strangers from his body and he has since been set free.

These testimonies and many more are validations that when God speaks, He steps in to confirm His word. Also, it shows that there are no impossible situations with God. Therefore, even as the year is quickly running to an end, and we as believers are still trusting Him for testimonies in one area or the other during this Shiloh 2015, our God who still works wonders will show forth! Amen!

Sophia Ukoni

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