It is eventually here, the seventeenth Shiloh.  The countdown which started months ago culminated today, 8th and it comes with its gradual build up with people from different countries of the world coming to partake in the blessings of the divine visitation upon His people.

It is not a spiritual journey that started with the Living Faith Church, but a divine ordination of God with His people of old in the Old Testament, which started with the father of faith, Abraham, to the present time.

Expectations are high with the hopeless believing that their hopelessness will be restored into hope and their lost faith will find its way back and their life will begin to take the deserved shape where it has been mis-shapened by the devil.

It is a gathering of men, women, children and the old, in and outside the auditorium of the church holding on to a thread of faith that their moment of breakthrough in every aspect of their life where there is a lack will receive fulfillment.

The delegations from all over the world are coming in. 287 have since arrived from the Republic of Benin, 192 from Togo, 187 from the United Kingdom, Ghana with a delegation of 579; 202 from Kenya, 182 from Ivory Coast, 60 from Botswana and 92 from Congo.

47 nations are presently being represented, and by 8:12PM yesterday, the Man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo officially declared Shiloh 2015 open with the declaration: Shiloh 2015, From Glory to Glory, and From Glory to Glory,” and with the people of God responding, “That’s where I’m going!”
Known for his punchy and divine utterances, God's servant, Bishop Oyedepo added that life is a book broken into chapters, and at Shiloh 2015, God will open the next chapters of the life of every participant at the great gathering.

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