Every year from this time henceforth shall be a plus on the previous in Jesus' name!
You will never see shame all through the year 2016!
You will not miss out on God's best in the year 2016!
From this year, you will never have a better last year!
Any devil that wished you dead will go in your place in Jesus’ name!
No one shall be buried in your household in the year 2016 in Jesus’ name!
You are thanking God today, this time next year; you will be giving God praise!
You will change levels every month all through the year 2016 in the name of Jesus!
God is taking you and your family to higher levels!
No matter what you have seen in your life this year, you will see greater in the year 2016!
All through 2016, you will be going from Glory to Glory!
Nothing will go down in your hands anymore in Jesus' name!
May the attitude of gratitude be your lifestyle from this time forward in Jesus’ name! 
In everything, grace to keep giving thanks, receive it now today in the name of Jesus!
Your testimonies will not be turn to curses in the name of Jesus!

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