This is your week of open doors!

The financial giant in you must be birth in the name of Jesus!
I decree a manifestation of your escape from the snare of the devil today in the name of Jesus!
Everyone set for marriage is declared supernaturally married!
You are changing levels today!
By divine orchestration, within the
next 7 weeks, everyone set for marriage shall meet their ordained spouse in Jesus’ mighty name!

I decree peace to every troubled and stormy family in Jesus’ name!
I decree the release of your marital destiny!
Every separated home is restored!
Every sentence of divorce is reverted in the name of Jesus!
Today, God's help will be made manifest in your life!
For everyone believing God for the fruit of the womb, this is your season of visitation!
Every satanic assault on your life is over!
Enter into your rest in the name of Jesus!

I say to you “Congratulations”, because I know your blessings are delivered to you and you are changing levels!

OUR COMMENT: This is sure going to be a great week! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section

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