DIRECT FROM PAPA: Punchy and powerful quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo (FT News)

“Life is an adventure in opportunities. Every time God desires to change the position of anyone, He presents him an opportunity. Very few see these opportunities, and fewer yet, seize these opportunities. IT is not enough to see an opportunity; it is important to seize on them so you can maximize the blessings they carry for you.” 

“Morning star means a star that shines early, not a crawling star...Young people, I started building my private library from the age of 20. I started buying books consciously from the age of 20 and calling it my library. In trying to catch up with my assignment I bought books at a time worth $9,600 at a go, without buying a piece of suit or a tie. It is consistent and tireless word practice that makes a star in the kingdom.”

“I have invested in my life an average of 18 hours a day on productive engagement. So if you work 8 hours, then I’m working twice your day plus 2 hours extra. So when I’m 50, I will be 11 in your own calendar.”
"Hard work does not wear people out, it is wrong work that wears them out."
"There’s no sleeping competition in life. If you sleep for 8 hours a day, you sleep one-third of your life, and at age 100, you would have slept for 25years!"
 “It was gold that led Judas to commit suicide. He sold his master for a mere 30 pieces of silver…Ananias and Sapphira died by the dagger of the god of gold…Jeshurun waxed fat, and then kicked against God, and God in turn hid His face from then…May God not hide His face from you! They kicked against God in their prosperity. May your prosperity not bring about your perishing…May every increase you see in your life, create your increase in your affection for God.”

“When the things of God don’t matter to you, you are under the influence of one of the rulers of this world.”

“Now tell me, what is a man doing with 2 cars when he is only just starting a business? Meanwhile, he is all over the place looking for capital. He is committing a capital sin!”

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