From today, you will never suffer the plague of stagnation in your life in Jesus’ name!

Unending progress becomes your portion in the name of Jesus!

Everything the enemy has stolen from you is restored in seven-fold in Jesus’ name!

The career and business of everyone reading this is changing levels today in the name of Jesus!

Today, you are changing levels from single to married, from barrenness to fruitfulness and from stagnation to supernatural advancement in the name of Jesus!

In this Midst of the Year season, your expectations are turned to manifestations! 

From today, your lifting will be permanent in the name of Jesus!

The things that eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, shall be your portion in the name of Jesus!

Your destiny is gorgeous and you shall get there! 

An end has finally come to your struggles!

Today, every concern of your life is turned to a testimony!

I see you experiencing the fact that serving God pays!

Welcome to your season of financial abundance! 

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