SUNDAY, 28TH JUNE, 2015
            Prophetic Focus: Serving God Pays-----Job 36:11

1.Praise The Lord! All Winners who took personal responsibility in reaching out to our target souls for salvation, as part of the 3rd in the series of our Specialized District Outreaches, should expect to be rewarded speedily according to their own labour, Indeed, in this in-gathering season, we shall take all our territories for Christ as each one engages fully in the pursuit of the Prophetic Wonder-Double Agenda.

2.Praise The Lord! Our monthly Week of Spiritual Emphasis for the month of July holds this week from Wednesday to Friday. We shall be waiting on the Lord in a Fast and break with the communion at our various Zonal Fellowship Centres. Time: 6-8pm. However, on Friday, we shall be having a Breakthrough Service with full broadcast from Canaanland. Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm.

3.Praise The Lord! The 4th in the series of our 7 Specialized District Outreaches comes up this Saturday, 4th July 2015. All Winners’ are admonished to turn out en masse to participate. Be reminded that everyone shall receive their rewards according to their own labour, whether on the go or on their Knees praying. Time: 7:00-9:30am.

4.Good News! The next WOFBI training session for the year commences on Monday July 6 to 17, 2015. It is a two-week intensive course. Therefore all members who are yet to undergo this most profitable spiritual training should make plans to attend in order to take advantage of this opportunity for an encounter of a lifetime, Be reminded that all new converts of the year shall be on church scholarship, that is, the cost of forms and tuition fully borne by the church.

5.Good News! Over 150 new locations have been added to the Covenant Hour of Prayers centres. Be part of this move as we meet daily Monday to Friday for prayers. Time: 5:30-6:30am.

6.Believers’ Foundation Class holds every Monday for all new converts in 710 locations cut across Lagos and Ota. Everyone concerned is admonished to take advantages of this every important platform for spiritual empowerment that will result in victorious living. Time: 6:00-7:30pm.

7. Good News! Four (4) Intending Couples wed this weekend. We are all admonished to stand in the gap for them in prayers and share in their joy. Time is 11:00am.

8.Winners Satellite Fellowship, our house-to-house fellowship holds in thousands of home across Lagos, Ota and Environs every Saturday. We are all admonished to take advantage of this forum for our spiritual growth and development. Time: 5:00-6:00pm.

9.Recommended books of the month authored by David O. Oyedepo include:
                           *The Wisdom that Works
                           *All you need to have all your needs met
                           *Walking in Wisdom
                           *Winning Wisdom
                           *Excellency of Wisdom

       10. Next Sunday at Faith Tabernacle shall be our Restoration Banquet Service. Whatever you have lost to the enemy shall be supernaturally restored in its perfect state. Also, being the first Sunday of the month, it shall double as our Prophetic Entrance into the new month. Come expecting great encounters from God’s Word.

Services Schedule is as usual.

                                                                       Jesus Is Lord!

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