God is no respecter of persons; if He did for these people, He can (and will) do it for you. Remember, if you do what they did, you too can get what they got. 

Supernatural Turnaround via 21-day Prayer & Fasting!
“During the 21-day prayer and fasting of 2010 and 2011, I fasted for three days and seven days respectively before I stopped. In 2012, our year of Double Portion, the Bishop said that we must not allow our stomach to rob us of our blessings. So, I was determined to fast for the 21 days. 
Two days to the end of the 21-day prayer and fasting, I went outside to buy recharge card and I saw a man looking like a mad man or a drunkard. He asked me for water, but I ignored him. When I got to the shop where I wanted to buy the recharge card, it was unavailable, so I went to the next shop.
Behold, that same man came to the shop and asked the woman to give him sachet water. Immediately, I had a nudge in my spirit that it was my second chance. So, I asked him if he wanted any other thing. Then he asked, ‘You want to buy me something?’ Thereafter, he ordered for a drink from the shop.
Suddenly, one of the elderly men who sat at the shop scolded him because he demanded for a drink. Then the man replied, ‘Allow me to drink; since two thousand years ago, people have been calling upon me. Allow me to drink!’ 
Meanwhile, in my family, no one has ever built any structure. However, after that encounter, God used me as an instrument to erect a building worth ten million naira in my village that same year. God also gave me a wife and a baby. I give God all the glory!”---Emmanuel Okedu

Supernatural Turnaround!
“Before I joined this Commission in 2010, I was in abject poverty and a subject of pity amongst my family in the village. However, on my first day in church, I listened to the Bishop preach and I asked myself, ‘Where have you been all this while?’ 
Thereafter, I obeyed every instruction from the altar to the letter. Immediately, my turnaround started. That same year, God provided me with a job and a house. I also got married in 2011 and presently, we have two children. 
In 2012, I gave my house rent as my Shiloh sacrifice. To the glory of God, I who was pitied by the villagers and poorer than the poor, I’m now the landlord of three tenants. In November 2014, we dedicated our duplex. To God be the glory!” ---Ejike Osadongo

Supernatural Change of Story via 21-day Prayer & Fasting!
During the 21-day fasting and prayer in 2014, I told God to announce me to the world and make me a global phenomenon. Indeed, God proved Himself. 
I went to Ghana last year for my education and I stayed with my uncle. In a short while, without any reason, he told me to leave. Then, my coach accommodated and took care of me. I also wrote my pre-degree examinations and God saw me through. 
In December 2014, during the Shiloh week, we had a Korean competition and I told God, ‘This is Shiloh week, that which you have promised me this year, may You fulfill it before the end of this year.’ To the glory of God, He gave me a gold medal, the best female player and a trip to Korea. Also, I will represent Ghana in the all African games this year in Congo. Furthermore, He gave me a scholarship to study in any university in the world. Praise the Lord!” ---Adedapo Eunice

Miracle Baby!
I got married in September 2012 and suffered five miscarriages. So, I decided that I would not get pregnant again. 
Thereafter, I attended Shiloh 2013 while serving in Edo State as a Corps member while my husband resided in Lagos. During Shiloh, a woman who experienced a similar situation like mine and later had twins shared her testimony. I keyed into that testimony and told God, ‘I have come to Shiloh and You will give me my miracle baby.’ I also gave my December salary as a Corps member for my Shiloh sacrifice.
That same month, I took in. In January 2014, during the 21-day prayer and fasting, I participated the first week. Meanwhile, I was already pregnant but I started spotting after a while, although it was not time for my menstrual period. I later visited the hospital and the test result showed that I was pregnant but it was weak. 
I told the doctor that I believe I was pregnant and it wasn’t weak. To the glory of God, I delivered a baby boy. I give God all the glory!”---Joy Adeyemi

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