Supernatural Turnaround!
“For 18 years, my brother in Germany refused to relate with us. According to him, anytime he wants to do anything, he would have problems. It is either his goods got seized or something would happen to him. So, he decided to disconnect from us.

Then, I attended Shiloh 2013 and believed God for intervention. Thereafter in April 2014, my brother returned to Nigeria for the first time. He told me that he would be importing goods to Nigeria five times in a year and requested that I help him handle one of the transactions. I agreed! Then he said that he hoped there won’t be problems. I told him that there would be no problems because I am a daughter of Bishop Oyedepo.
He gave me some goods and I sold them. Thereafter, he stopped relating with us again.
On December 29, 2014, I went to see an in-law of mine who told me that a 40-feet container of goods that my brother sent to me was returned to Germany. I rejected the report and told him it was a mistake. I declared that an apology would be tendered.

On Monday January 5, 2015, I engaged the issue as a one-line prayer throughout that day. During the evening service on Tuesday, the Bishop said, ‘That thing you stood for, by Wednesday, God would give it to you as a testimony.’ I claimed it!

When I called him on Wednesday by 5pm, he said the white people apologized to him and said that it was a mistake. I give all the glory to the God of this Commission!”---Gladys Ezeanyi Chibuogu

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