TESTIMONIES: The Hand of God at Work in the Lives of Men

There is always not enough time to share all the testimonies at Faith Tabernacle. As the custom of the commission is, every testifier has not more than one minute to tell God's people what the Lord did in his/her live. Hence the popular line, "Once I was blind, now I can see, in one minute". Well, the Press and Publicity Service group is always on hand to capture most of these "unshared" acts of God and may even interview the testifiers for details of the untold stories. Below are some of the testimonies recorded last Sunday at the Honour Entrance. Read and share with your friends. God is no respecter of persons; what He did for one He can do for all.


1. “My Period Stopped For 3 Years Until I Touched My Stomach With The Prophetic Mantle” --- MARTINA ACHONU 

I joined this commission in 2009. I was baptized the same year. SINCE THEN I HAVE BEEN BELIEVING God for a miracle marriage. In 2012, my period suddenly stopped; I was not sleeping with any man, and was not pregnant. I thought it was a joke. For complete three years, I didn't see my period and I did nothing about it. During the 21-day prayer and fasting in 2013, I didn't list it on my prayer request. After the exercise, Papa distributed mantles to us and I placed the mantle on my stomach. Immediately I did that, the menstruation that had stopped for three years, started flowing instantly.

Salau keji
2. "During the Career and Business Breakthrough service, I brought his card as a point of contact and danced so well with his business in mind.” And that was it." Salau keji

She might look small but she knows when things are not right. Her name is Salau keji. Her father’s business was stagnated for a long time and this is what she did. “During the last 21days of prayer and fasting, I prayed earnestly for him. During the Career and Business Breakthrough service, I brought his card as a point of contact and danced so well with his business in mind.” And that was it. The result: “My father’s business suddenly began to surge back to life and up till now, no more stagnation I that business.”


Brother Rabiu Adesina got a job like every other person and was earning a salary of N25,000. That was the financial status of a grown man! When he came to share his testimony at the honour entrance, he was exuding the joy of someone whose level has changed.  “I have three testimonies and I will share them sharp sharp!” he enthused, with an air of ‘I know what I’m talking about.’ “I joined this commission in 2014 and since then God has changed my financial status. Where I was working, I was earning N25,000 per month but when I joined this commission last year, God took me from that position to a co-owner in that same business. Now I have 30 percent equity in that same business. Secondly, Good gave me a house of my own and it is now at the roofing level.”

Not done yet, he shared the third one, revealing how he being attentive to the Holy Spirit pays. “The third one happened at the all night when Papa (by the help of the Holy Spirit) asked us to remove our shoes and immediately the Holy Spirit instructed me directly to take the little sand on the floor where I was and put it in my mouth. For many years, I had been suffering from a chronic stomach pain that when it starts, the right side of my body would be numb, almost paralyzed. But immediately I took that small portion of sand, I got instant healing.”

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